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Business of Open Source

The "Business of Open Source" miniconf at LCA 2012 (Ballarat, Australia; January 16-20 2012) is for people interested in business aspects of open source. Topics include licensing your work, building a market, building a community, gathering market data, distribution, communications, working with open source developers, working with governments and countries, working with procurement departments, corporate governance, funding, pricing, lessons from your experience, and whatever related topics people would like to bring up. Whether you are a student working on a one-person open source project, own your own open source consulting company, or create open source strategy for a multi-billion dollar company, this miniconf hopes to bring different people together to exchange thoughts and facilitate discussion about these topics.

Presentation submitters should feel free to suggest their own topics. Here is a list of potentially interesting subjects (in no particular order):

Experiences moving a project from fun to profit
Choosing a license
Defending your rights
Working as a non-profit
Building a community
Experiences in distributed development
Commercial acquisition of open source projects
Funding (VC) open source development
Business strategies behind open source
Successful open source business in Australia
Open Source Software Development Management and Governance
Open Source Corporate Governance
Open source development inside of corporations and small companies
Lessons learned in building up your open source business
Applying your copyright and license choices

We hope to receive proposals for:

50 minute expert panel discussions
50 minute full presentations
25 minute half presentations
5-10 minute lightning talks (e.g. success stories, ...)

This miniconf is organized by Martin Michlmayr of Hewlett-Packard and Bob Waldie of Open Source Industry Australia (OSIA). To submit a proposal, please contact Martin at tbm@hp.com and Bob at bob.waldie@opengear.com and include the following information:

Your name
Brief bio noting any previous speaking experience
Talk title
Brief outline of your proposed talk
Notes of any special equipment / facilities you may require

The deadline for submission is: November 20 2011

Finally, please note that Miniconf Presenters need to register as delegates and pay to attend LCA 2012.

Martin Michlmayr

Martin Michlmayr has been involved in various free software and open source projects for over 15 years. He used to be the Volunteer Coordinator for the GNUstep Project, acted as Publicity Director for Linux International and served as the leader of the Debian project. In the two years as the leader of Debian, Martin represented the project and performed important organizational and coordination tasks within the project. Martin joined HP in 2007 where he works as an Open Source Community Expert and acts as the community manager of FOSSBazaar. Martin currently serves on the board of the Open Source Initiative (OSI). Martin holds Master degrees in Philosophy, Psychology and Software Engineering, and earned a PhD from the University of Cambridge.