Arduino miniconf lights up

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BALLARAT, 11 September 2011

Adding to the sparkling array of Miniconfs already announced, the 2012 today confirmed what many in the community took to be a certainty - that the Arduino Miniconf would again be part of the conference lineup.

Stated Arduino Miniconf co-organiser and President of the Melbourne Connected Community Hackerspace, Andy Gelme (@geekscape on social media);

"Since LCA2010, the Arduino mini-conference has introduced open-source hardware to the more software oriented attendees. Attendees have built rocket avionics (general purpose vehicle telemetry) and an Arduino shield for sensors, actuators, a display and mesh-networking. There are presentations broadly covering current topics in open-source hardware, as well as hardware demonstrations, e.g 3D printers. The aim is to demonstrate that it is easy and inexpensive to interact with the real world via Arduino, without having a graduate degree in electronics. Anyone can do it !"

Calls for proposals will open shortly. will be held 16th-20th January 2012 in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. Registrations will open shortly. and @linuxconfau on Twitter and Identica.

Media enquiries are welcomed to the LCA2012 team at