Sysadmin Added to Sparkling Array of Miniconfs for

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BALLARAT, 8 September 2011

Adding to the engaging lineup already announced for January 2012's , the organising team today confirmed that the Sysadmin Miniconf had been confirmed. Aimed at those who monitor, manage, maintain and map out Linux and open source infrastructure, the event promises to provide tips, tricks and techniques for seasoned professionals and noobs alike.

New Zealand-based Miniconf Organiser Simon Lyall was thrilled with the news.

"It's great to have such a huge level of interest in System Administration from the community. Many of the people involved in LCA have some form of involvement with sysadmin functions such as backups, automation, storage, optimisation, performance and redundancy. Having the ability to focus part of the overall conference provides and opportunity for relationship building and knowledge sharing that wouldn't otherwise be there."

Our Call for presentations is at

Miniconfs - miniature conferences - are community-organised sessions designed to bring together like-minded delegates with interests in a specific field. They are run within the framework of the broader event, and provide excellent opportunities for professional networking and developing presentation experience.

LCA will be held 16th-20th January 2012 in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. Registrations will open mid-September. and @linuxconfau on Twitter and Identica.

Media enquiries are welcomed to the LCA2012 team at